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We are inviting papers for our 5th annual conference in February 2022, a hybrid edition hosted at the University of Deusto in Bilbao (Spain) as well as online. The ACMC was created by students with the sole purpose to provide a platform for students and early career professionals to actively exchange ideas, present research, and expand networks. Last year, being hosted online for the first time, this conference truly went global.

ACMC 2022 will physically take place in Bilbao, Spain at the University of Deusto, however simultaneously we plan to stream the conference online so that we can remain global, stay connected and work together to create real social change in multifaceted ways. ACMC 2022 will provide participants with the unique opportunity to engage, over the course of three days, with emerging researchers, professionals, academics, artists and local collectives’ initiatives in insightful conversations about the arts and cultural sector.

In the past years a considerable number of voices have been heard via the spaces and contexts offered by the conference. These people left an important mark on the event. This year we want to bring these voices together and add even more. Additionally, for the 5th edition of the ACMC, we wanted to critically re-examine our format and, as such, we asked our community of past and future participants and partners what topics they would like to see addressed. The three directions that emerged were:

  1. Ways to hear more voices: visibility, diversity, inclusion, underrepresentation
  2. Ways to address stringent current challenges: accessibility, digitalisation, mental health
  3. Ways to be adapted and integrated in the field: sustainability, entrepreneurship

With the conference theme

A space for other voices, new ways

we welcome papers from anyone interested in making an active contribution to the conversation. We take pride in being recognized as a go-to place when it comes to new, fresh and innovative approaches and perspectives in the field of Arts & Culture Management. We are hence excited to receive applications from emerging voices that tackle the theme and subthemes of the year, namely: how to find new ways to move forward in the arts and cultural sector, while extending the conversation to include as many voices as possible.

RE-introducing: Localized Conference Hubs

Following the previous editions of this conference in Hamburg, DE (2018), Vienna, AT (2019),  Groningen, NL (2020) & online (2021), on this anniversary edition we are focusing on making the conversation global and involving voices from as many backgrounds as possible. Since last year the initiative of localized hubs was received with great enthusiasm and proved to be a great way for participants to connect and interact with initiatives otherwise less accessible. We have, therefore, decided to keep this section of the conference and to try and geographically spread even more.

In order to do so, we open submissions within a separate call for all groups, initiatives, teams who are interested in becoming an ACMC22 localized hub.

Are you convinced?

Make your voice heard and join the conversation on how to find new ways to move forward in the arts and cultural sector, while extending the discussion to include as many voices as possible. Fill in one of the forms below!


  • Submissions close: Friday 10th of October 2021  
  • Applicants will be notified about the status of their submission by Friday 14th of November 2021

*Dates are subject to change. Should the organisers need to extend deadlines for objective reasons, changes will be communicated on all official channels as soon as possible.

Meet the team of ACMC 2022

Luna Salazar Gadea is a Spanish art historian with an MA degree in Arts
Administration and Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths University of London. She has extensive experience in Audience Development (AD). Currently, Luna is the Assistant Programme Coordinator for
Cultura con Públicos.

Ana Báscones Ursúa has a Master’s Degree in Leisure Management: Culture, Tourism, Sport and Recreation and expert in audience development. She helps to coordinate the Strategic Plan for Culture of Navarre 2017-2023, the Cultural Observatory of Navarre and the edition of various publications of the Government of Navarre. Ana is also the co-funder and content creator of the association Cultura con Públicos.

Julia Dekeukeleire is a Master student in Culture Management and Vice president at Unifac vzw. She is also taking a traineeship at ENCATC.

Augustina Mihaela Vasile is a freelance cultural communicator and an arts community nurturer based in Bucharest, Romania. She has just established a small company and she is currently working on developing a professional guidance program for emerging artists regardless of their access to resources.

Sofía Moreno Domínguez is currently Ph.D. Candidate of Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development Programme (University of Deusto, Bilbao). She is also Co-founder at Cultura con Públicos Association. 

Daniela Vargas Silva is a student of Management at the National University of San Marcos. She is a coordinator and junior researcher of Initiative of Global Studies and Assistant to the Board of Directors in TEDx UNMSM. Daniela is also the Human Resources Coordinator of the Focus student group.

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Students and emerging professionals from across the world delivered presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, poster presentations, artistic performances and networking sessions at ACMC 2021. See the full event agenda here!

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