Ticket prices full conference

Speakers 0 -> 10 euros for dinner
Students 35 euros (includes dinner)
Alumni and young professionals 50 euros (includes dinner)
Academics 70 euros (includes dinner)

ATTENTION: This year’s ACMC conference will be part of a greater winter school programme at the University of Groningen taking place 21 – 25 January 2020, in Groningen, the Netherlands.

During the first two days (21-22 January) of the winter school, students of the second year of the M.A. Cultural Leadership programme will present their research in various cultural organizations in Northern Europe. (This is us, your ACMC team, studying the M.A. Cultural Leadership talking about our traineeships). Employees of those organizations will provide background information. Find more information regarding the 5-day long Winter school programme here.

The final three days (23-25 January) of the winter school will be our arts cultural management conference (ACMC).


Please sign up and pay your ticket at the University of Groningen Homepage here.

If you plan on ONLY coming to the arts cultural management conference (ACMC) from 23-25 January please also e-mail us at mail@acmconference.com after signing up through the university website.

Because although this ticket allows you to participate in the full five day winterschool at the University of Groningen (ACMC included) 21-25 January, the winterschool is optional and you can also decide to only join for our conference.

Both options cost the same

Thank you ! Let us know if you need any help (mail@acmconference.com)

See you in Groningen !