ACMC 2023


Conflict and Context​​

The theme of Conflict and Context brings to mind societal battles around politics, the economy, culture, and more. It also provokes darker thoughts about war and big societal or wordly crises. Moreover, it alludes to internal conflicts in relation to the outside world, as a reflection on culture, politics, or the economy. Conflict, in its many forms, resonates strongly today, both shaping and being shaped by our many individual and collective contexts. 

With this ACMC edition., we want to explore together with our participants where arts and culture fit within this narrative, how they influence and are being influenced by conflict and their respective social, economic, political or cultural contexts.

Location and Date

27 - 29 September 2023
Central European University


After five consecutive years of rewarding exchanges happening within our growing community of participants and contributors, this year marks the 6th edition of the ACMC. To celebrate this special occasion, the ACMC will make its return to the culturally vibrant Vienna. The city is — and has historically always been — a strong European cultural centre, where many artistic movements have flourished throughout history. As a symbol of cultural endurance and European cultural values, Vienna is the perfect location for the upcoming ACMC edition as it gives extra meaning and context to the topic addressed.   


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