Join us for an extraordinary event designed to empower professionals, academics, artists, and students in the field of arts and cultural management. The ACMC is your gateway to expanding horizons, networking with like-minded individuals, and delving into captivating topics that will shape the future of the industry. Join us on a journey of connection, inspiration, and collaboration!

Our dynamic platform brings together passionate individuals from across the globe. At the ACMC, our mission is to foster a thriving community where knowledge is shared, creative solutions are born, and the arts and cultural management field is propelled forward. Our annual landmark conference features insightful presentations, engaging workshops, and vibrant exhibitions.

Join us on a journey of connection, inspiration, and collaboration!

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For the ACMC 2024 Conference, we invite scholars, artists, students, and creative practitioners to come together and explore the ways in which transgression and collaboration shape artistic and cultural expression across various disciplines, including but not limited to the visual and performing arts, literature, music, and digital media.

Join us on a journey of connection, inspiration, and collaboration!

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The ACMC Hub is more than just a collection of individuals; it’s a vibrant network for inspiration and shared experiences. Whether you wish to reconnect with familiar faces or forge new connections, the ACMC Hub is your go-to destination.


“The ACMC, nurtured by the Salon de la Sagesse, is a journey into intergenerational dialogue and creative convergence. Grounded in our commitment to fostering diversity, innovation, and wisdom, the ACMC is where we weave a narrative that resonates with the shared aspirations of our global cultural community. This event is a testament to culture’s enduring strength, a celebration of diversity, and an inspiring step towards a collective harmonious future.”

Emma Gabor

Lead Coordinator and Co-Chair for the ACMC,
Founder and President of the Salon de la Sagesse

Join our Committee

Ready to dive into a world where your passion for arts, culture, and all things creativity can flourish? We’re on the lookout for people to join us as officers in Communications, Outreach or Events teams. As a team member, you’ll play a vital role in crafting an event that leaves a lasting impact. If you’re passionate, driven, and ready to be part of something exceptional, we want to hear from you!

All our positions are voluntary as the ACMC (Arts and Cultural Management Conference) is part of a non-profit initiative, represented by the Salon de la Sagesse. All volunteer contracts last for one year, until the end of the next ACMC’s Edition.


From its roots in Hamburg in 2018, ACMC has blossomed into an international platform for professionals and academics, artists and students interested in arts and culture management. Founded by passionate students, our annual conference, diligently organized by diverse teams of volunteers made of students and young professionals, has become a beacon for cultural enthusiasts across the globe.

The ACMC invites cultural professionals and academics, artists and students to join an innovative and diverse platform where they can present their research, exchange knowledge, expand their professional network and create meaningful connections within the sector.

Why join ACMC?

Haven’t made up your mind about taking part in ACMC? Here are some reasons to help you make up your mind. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking new insights or a student looking to gain practical experience, we want you!

Get a chance to be a part of an international network. Connect with like-minded professionals. Make friends or find mentors…it is up to you!

Boost your career. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a student, ACMC offers a platform to elevate your career in the cultural sector. Sharpen your skills with hands-on workshops led by industry experts.

Present your research or projects to your peers. Participate in the exchange of ideas, experiences, and cultural perspectives. Engage with thought leaders delivering captivating talks.

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