2023, Vienna - "Conflict & Context"

As we look back on the incredible achievements of the Arts and Cultural Management Conference in 2023, we are thrilled to share the remarkable impact this event has had on students and professionals in the field of arts and cultural management.

The collaboration between ACMC and C’MAN has led to an extraordinary experience designed to empower individuals, expand horizons, and forge meaningful connections.

The Art Forward “Cultural Management: Conflict and Context” conference and training program showcased the vibrant palette of cultural management research and practice. From enthralling academic lectures by renowned professors and young researchers to spirited panels featuring industry practitioners, the program offered a diverse and captivating array of insights. Interactive workshops, soul-stirring concerts, and an evocative exhibition centered around the themes of conflict and context, sustainability in international arts management, and change management issues. We aimed to raise awareness about sensitivity issues in cultural management and to ignite conversations around sustainable and cutting-edge ideas. Together, we explored the depths of conflict in the age of globalization, unearthing innovative approaches that challenge boundaries and expand horizons.

We are grateful for the time spent together, delving into the intricate relationship between conflict and context, has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on everyone involved. The immersive experience created at the heart of Vienna’s cultural landscape has shaped perspectives, challenged assumptions, and sparked innovative ideas that will shape the future of our vibrant industry.


Together with C’MAN, we embarked on a journey to create an event that would empower students and professionals in the captivating realm of arts and cultural management.



"Cultural Management: Conflict and Context"

Art Exhibit

"Conflict and Context" curated by Grazia de Colle & Jessica Rosen

The “Conflict and Context” exhibition, a vital component of the 2023 Arts and Cultural Management Conference, invited our guests to a world where art becomes a catalyst for change.


This group exhibition explored conflict in its many forms: how it intersects with and is mediated by the art world. The five artists included in this show not only contextualised specific conflicts, but they called to action different ways of addressing them. These conflicts are examined at various levels: personal, social, political and cultural. Conflict and Context showcase works by five international artists who live and work in Vienna, Austria at Vienna’s Garage Grande.

Closing event

ACMC "Colors and Cords"

As ACMC 2023  closing event, we invited our guests to join us for a networking event like no other!
An evening of vibrant live music and mesmerizing visual artistry that left people inspired!

Our goal: to let you experience the magic of live music! From soul-stirring acoustic music to electrifying electronic beats!

Meet the artists:

 – Elskling is an international duo with a multi-instrumental approach. Making use of vocals, guitar, piano and flute. Performing mostly original music, their music consists of strong melodies, memorable lyrics, catchy rhythms.

 – Ned Stranger is both a songwriter and a storyteller; he writes intimate guitar-based songs inspired by his love of books.

 – Patrick Gutensohn, known as Good Lee, is an Austrian musician who creates uplifting electronic music that emphasises connection and internal growth. He draws inspiration from his Filipino roots and the natural world, with his latest project being a balanced mix of electronic and world music that explores the internal world within each of us.

– Anka Arnóth is a fourth-year painting student at the University of Fine Arts, Budapest. Her art is experimental, and she likes to combine different art movements such as music, dance, animation. The themes of her works are mainly based on her own experiences and traumas.

– Zsófia Nóra Demeter is a third-year painting student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Her works are a mixture of vandalism, bad painting and lyricism. She is concerned with the paradox of the timelessness of artworks, its manipulation and prevention.

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