2020, Groeningen - "Curating Europe"

The 3rd ACMC edition shifted the focus towards Europe and its cultural dimension, with the emphasis on fresh perspectives from emerging professionals and students in the field.

The young generations have an important say about the future, and therefore are the “curators” of their social and cultural landscapes.

In 2020, ACMC focused on acknowledging that the young generation holds the baton for the future, by embracing the belief that every individual is a curator — not just of art but of the profound stories that shape our lives and those of generations to come. As students and young professionals, our voices echo with significance. We are not just witnesses; we are the architects of tomorrow’s cultural landscapes.

Our task, as future curators of Europe, extends beyond traditional boundaries. It’s a responsibility to provide new translations, to bridge the intellectual gaps between diverse cultures, and to compose a symphony that resonates with unity and understanding. Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey, where every voice, every perspective, contributes to the vibrant narrative of Europe’s cultural evolution.


Keynote Speakers:
  • Maria Hlavajova: founding General and Artistic Director of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, since 2000
  • Kris Callens: Director of the Princessehof Ceramics Museum, the Fries Museum and the Fries Verzetsmuseum