2022, Bilbao
"A space for more voices and new ways"

In 2022, ACMC took a bold step towards embracing diversity and inclusion within the European cultural narrative. The chosen theme and location were not just symbolic; they were a deliberate move to amplify voices from the less-explored corners of the cultural world.

Our aim was to weave together local perspectives from marginalized territories, injecting a burst of fresh vitality into the broader European conversation.

Over the past years, the world has undergone profound transformations, and the cultural sector has been no exception. In this ever-evolving landscape, cultural institutions face the ongoing challenge of adapting, improving, and reflecting the pulse of the society and times they inhabit. We see these institutions not just as preservers of heritage but as dynamic sources of enrichment for diverse audiences.


Keynote Speakers:
  • Jaime Cuenca: Ph.D. in Human and Social Sciences, Researcher and Professor of Philosophy of Art at the Institute of Leisure Studies, University of Deusto
  • Macarena Cuenca-Amigo: Ph.D. in Leisure and Human Development, Professor of Strategy and Business Organisation at Deusto Business School 
  • Charlie Wall-Andrews: Trudeau Scholar, music industry entrepreneur and faculty member at Northeastern University and University of Toronto 
  • Pepe Zapata: Director of TRESC, the largest and most active Cultural Community of Cultural Audiences in Catalonia, Curator of the first International Congress of Performing Arts Spectators, partner-consultant at TekneCultura
  • Zita Holbourne: author and multi-disciplinary artist, member of the UNESCO Coalition of Artists for the General History of Africa, European Commision advisor on social inclusion and gender, co-founder and national chair for BARAC UK
  • Marcin Poprawski: researcher and senior lecturer at HUMAK University of Applied Schience and he AMU University of Poznan, member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, member of the editorial board for the Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy, expert of the EECN (European Expert Network on Culture)