By Emma Gabor and Nikola Veisberga

      Every year, ACMC brings together a diverse array of professionals, from seasoned experts to fresh-faced enthusiasts, to celebrate the power of creativity and collaboration. Through dynamic presentations, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking discussions, our conference serves as a melting pot of ideas, sparking inspiration and driving positive change in the cultural landscape. But besides the academic exploration, ACMC also knows how to have fun. ACMC is also a place for artists to showcase their talents and connect with fellow creatives. From captivating performances to thought-provoking exhibitions, we offer a stage for artists of all disciplines to shine.


ACMC 2023 “Conflict & Context” Art Exhibit

      The “Conflict & Context” exhibition curated by Grazia de Colle & Jessica Rosen, a vital component of the 2023 Arts and Cultural Management Conference, invited our guests to a world where art became a catalyst for change. 

      This group exhibition explored conflict in its many forms: how it intersects with and is mediated by the art world. The five artists included in this show not only contextualised specific conflicts, but they also called to action different ways of addressing them. These conflicts are examined at various levels: personal, social, political and cultural. Conflict and Context showcased works by five international artists who live and work in Vienna, Austria. The exhibition took place at Vienna’s Garage Grande. 

      The artists who took part in the “Conflict & Context” art exhibit: 

  •  Maurício Ianês
  • Georgij Melnikov
  • Mirjana Mustra
  • Nur 
  • Ziliä Qansurá


ACMC closing event “Colors and Cords”

      At the ACMC 2023 closing event, we invited our guests to join us for a networking event like no other! It was an evening of vibrant live music and mesmerising visual artistry that left people inspired.

      Our goal: to let you experience the magic of live music! From soul-stirring acoustic music to electrifying electronic beats, our participants were able to enjoy a diverse evening filled with music, inspiration and laughter.

      The artists of the event:


  • Elskling is an international duo with a multi-instrumental approach, making use of vocals, guitar, piano and flute. Performing mostly original work, their music consists of strong melodies, memorable lyrics and catchy rhythms.
  • Ned Stranger is both a songwriter and a storyteller; he writes intimate guitar-based songs inspired by his love of books.
  • Patrich Gutensohn, known as Good Lee, is an Austrian musician who creates uplifting electronic music that emphasises connection and internal growth. He draws inspiration from his Filipino roots and the natural world, with his latest project being a balanced mix of electronic and world music that explores the internal world within each of us.
  • Anka Arnóth is a painting student at the University of Fine Arts, Budapest. Her art is experimental, and she likes to combine different art movements such as music, dance, and animation. The themes of her works are mainly based on her own experiences and traumas.
  • Zsófia Nóra Demeter is a painting student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Her works are a mixture of vandalism, bad painting and lyricism. She is concerned with the paradox of the timelessness of artworks, its manipulation and prevention.