Salon De La Sagesse

Salon de la Sagesse

“Adopting the ACMC within our brand is a huge step forward in achieving our purpose: to unite the pioneering voices of our generation. The architecture of the conference will be centred around cross-generational communication, diversity, bright, unique ideas and as always, our motto: ‘Community and Growth in Wisdom’.” — Emma Gabor, President of Le Salon de la Sagesse

The 6th edition comes with very exciting news for the future of the ACMC. As of 2023, Le Salon de la Saggese took over the ACMC initiative and became our parent organisation. This marks the beginning of a new development phase for the ACMC, as well as a first step towards consolidating a stronger brand and ensuring long term stability for the conference.

The Salon de la Sagesse is a non-profit association created with the purpose of uniting the pioneering voices of our young generations, to leave a lasting impact in the world. Through the organisation of events, discussions and collaborations, the Salon brings together a group of creative minds, visionaries, pioneers and change makers from all fields and from all over the globe, into one thriving community. The Salon is the mother association of the Journal d’Ambroisie and the ACMC.

Find out more about Le Salon de la Saggese and its online quarterly publication, the Journal d’Ambroisie