Salon De La Sagesse

Uniting the pioneering voices of our young generations to leave a lasting impact in the world.

The Salon de la Sagesse is an international community of creatives and innovators, championing change by fostering interdisciplinary discussions on meaningful questions, ideas, and events. The Salon is a non-profit organisation established in 2020, and its headquarters are based in Vienna, Austria. The Salon is the mother association of the Journal d’Ambroisie and the ACMC.

The ACMC, nurtured by the Salon de la Sagesse, is a journey into intergenerational dialogue and creative convergence. Grounded in our commitment to foster diversity, innovation, and wisdom, the ACMC is where we weave a narrative that resonates with the shared aspirations of our global cultural community. This event is a testament to culture’s enduring strength, a celebration of diversity, and an inspiring step towards a collective harmonious future.
Emma Gabor
President of Salon De La Sagesse