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Are you ready to be more than a spectator? To dive headfirst into the vibrant sea of arts and cultural management, where every wave is a ripple of change?

At the ACMC, we’re not just an event; we’re a movement – and we want you to be a part of it! 
Whether you’re contributing through donations or becoming a sponsor, you’re playing a pivotal role in redefining the cultural narrative. Together, we can create a future where arts and culture thrive as catalysts for positive change. 
Join the movement, embrace the culture, and let’s shape the future together!

Arts and Cultural Management Conference

Every year, professionals from the arts and culture fields are invited to share their experiences, knowledge and valuable resources during the conference. There are multiple ways to do this, by presenting their research, hosting workshops and bringing their innovative and unique contributions to presentations and panel sessions. The ACMC also welcomes artists to showcase their work during multiple activities, creative sessions and exhibitions.

Our main target audience is represented by students and young professionals who wish to actively participate in discussions, to establish a network of like-minded individuals and to become the pioneering voices of their generation towards innovation in the arts and culture field and beyond. However, we also welcome arts and culture enthusiasts of all ages who wish to support our collective efforts.

The ACMC welcomes guest speakers and participants of all backgrounds and from all over the world to initiate the dialogue on different cultural topics from their own perspectives. So far the ACMC has been highly successful in establishing an international community and we are confident that this will further expand with the upcoming editions. Our community is for the long term and it continues to grow steadily as all participants and contributors are invited to join the ACMC network and knowledge hub and to keep the conversation going all year round.

Open Call

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Dive into the spotlight with exclusive opportunities tailored for emerging artists, trailblazing researchers, and avant-garde arts and culture professionals ready to ignite conversations on the latest trends. Annually, we unveil a call for applications, a golden ticket for submitting your cutting-edge research papers and visionary projects. Selected pioneers get a chance to shine on the conference stage. Stay ahead of the curve – follow our social media for the freshest updates on these golden opportunities!

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Become a Sponsor

We have big plans and we are highly committed to strengthening and developing our community even further, but we cannot do this without your support. Help us make the next ACMC edition the best ever and become part of an initiative that transforms the cultural sector by opening its gates to individuals beginning their professional journey!

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